New Women’s Group – Chasing our Dreams

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Chasing Our Dreams

 Do you dream of living a life filled with inspiration, creativity, and purpose?

If you can answer yet to any of the following questions, then this group will definitely benefit you:

Are you at a crossroad?

Not sure of the path ahead?

Experiencing a major life transition?

Wanting to live more passionately?

Women haven’t had an easy time chasing our dreams. We find it difficult to live within the socially prescribed role of daughter, wife, mother, and family caretaker. We feel a dissonance between how we want to live, how we see ourselves, and what our real circumstances are. The more we can close the distance between who we want to be and who we are, the happier we’ll be.

In this supportive setting we will explore what it means to live a meaningful life, and what our life would look like if we follow our inner compass and deepest desires.
Space is limited to six women per group. Individual intake meeting is required. 

When: To be announced

Where: 919 Village Center, Lafayette, CA 94549

Contact: (510) 332-0463


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