Korean Adoptee Speaks Out

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This article appeared in the March 2015 edition of Adoptive Families. “Did You Ever Mind it?” On Race and Adoption by Nicole Soojung Callahan.  It is a poignant reminder of how a young child copes with the discomfort of being singled out and called names simply because she looked different from her white parents. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

” My parents and I always turned heads when we left the haven of our home. For as long as I could remember, I had been an unofficial spokesperson for adoption, answering people’s questions, telling them what they wanted to hear. Many, I eventually learned, didn’t want an honest account so much as they wanted an interesting, preferably heartwarming story. Plenty of adopted kids might not have felt or cared about or internalized that pressure, that attention, but for whatever reason I did.”

“Click here to read the entire article.

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