Lecture on Adoption by Paul Sutherland

Posted by on March 15, 2015 in ADHD, Adoption and Identity, Attachment Therapy | 0 comments

In this fascinating lecture Paul Sutherland equates early relinquishment of the infant from the birth mother as a developmental post -traumatic stress disorder.  Unlike most traumas this type of developmental disorder has no pre-trauma personality. For instance in the case of an accident, or the experience of a Veteran in combat, the person recognizes they have experienced a significant change in personality before and after the traumatic event occurred. In adoption there is no before and after personality, since the infant was preverbal when they were initially relinquished. An early trauma such as this can be remembered but cannot be recalled. The adoptee who is suffering believes the person who they adapted to become is who they actually are. Click here to tune into the entire broadcast.

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